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Part 1: Professional Documents
1. Cover letter sample (Cover Letter Sample Employment.doc)
2. Personal cover letter
3. Follow up/thank you letter sample (Thank You Letter Sample.docx)
4. Personal follow up/thank you letter
5. Resume (Resume Template2.doc)
6. Reference Sheet.docx (separate from and in addition to résumé)

Part 4: Community service/Achievements
7. Listing of community service (Vita Template.doc)
8. Listing of activities, sports, clubs, etc. ( (Senior Vita Information.doc) (NOT FOR OHATCHEE STUDENTS)

Part 6: School Documents
9. Transcripts/credit history
10. KUDER report

Part 8: Reflective Pieces
11. Part of your project is developing a mentoring relationship with an adult who will work with you to explore a career OR completing a community service project. You will think about the focus of your project and with whom you would like to work. You will use the Project Focus Review.docx to write about your project and submit to your English teacher for approval.

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Part 8: Reflective Pieces
12. Complete a college application essay essay. Topics may be found in this document: Senior Project College Essay.docx.
13. Job/College Application (may use acceptance letter from a university).
14. Write a one page reflection discussion your attendance and participation in at least one school event (athletic game, dance, organization, etc) AND one cultural/community event (International Fair, Relay for Life, etc).

Part 2: Letters of Recommendation
15. One from a teacher, pastor, or mentor
16. One other (none from relatives or personal friends)

Part 5: Consumer Education Reflection/13th Year Plan
**If you plan to live with a parent or have a scholarship or enter the military, you will still need to research the information in case your situation changes. Before beginning, print and read the Consumer Ed. Rubric.xlsx for this project.

17. First, complete the consumer ed. financial plan.docx and the 13 Year Plan.xlsx financial plan annual budget document. If your plan is to continue your education, then find the website for the university or school of your choice. From that website, fill in the annual expenses for tuition, books and fees, housing costs, transportation, insurance, etc. If your plan is to go straight to the work force or join the military, you will still have expenses (insurance, car, cell phone, etc.) Fill in the expenses based on your research and discussion with parents; be sure to cite your sources in MLA format. You will need a minimum of two sources. Save your documents into your student folder as Last Name First Name Financial Plan AND Last Name First Name 13 Year Plan. Print and add them to your project.

18. Based on the financial plan, develop a Monthly Budget.docx: housing, utilities, food, transportation, education/business, savings, medical expenses, personal/fun expenses (hygiene, movies, vacation, etc.).

19. Write a formal one-page reflection. What did you learn? How did the research affect your perception of money and expenses? Where will you get money? Job? Loans? Scholarship? Other? Be sure to double space, 12 font, Times New Roman, one inch margins.

20., 21., 22.Part 7: Work Samples - at least one from three of the following (do not have to be typed)
" Technical
" English
" History
" Science
" Mathematics
" Electives

FOURTH NINE WEEKS--April 24, 2019
Part 3: Certificates and Awards (high school)
23. Copies of certificates (must include Everfi)
24. Pictures of awards

Part 8: Reflective Pieces
25. Mentor agreement: Part of your project is developing a mentoring relationship with an adult who will work with you to explore a career OR completing a community service project. 1. During the second nine weeks, you will think about the focus of your project and with whom you would like to work. You will use the Project Focus Review.docxto write about your project and submit to your English teacher for approval. 2. Once your English teacher has given his/her approval, you, your parent, and your mentor will read and sign the mentor agreement.docx. This must be submitted to your teacher by February 2014.
26. Mentor timesheet: Your mentor will keep up with your hours on the mentor timesheet.docx. You must have at least six (6) hours documented.
27. Interview Reflection (5 Q & A) and Project Reflection (One page written reflection): During the fourth nine weeks, you will write a REFLECTIVE PAPER FOR THE ENTIRE PROJECT.docx.

All components of the project must be included in your senior college and career readiness portfolio. 134&classid=15185 If you have any questions, contact Ms. Ford at 256-741-4935.

My suggestion is to download and type your information in so that your portfolio looks professional.


Notes: Type all items; neatness counts! The portfolio should be neatly compiled and bound in a notebook. Include a table of contents.

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