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Saks High School


Mr. Jody Whaley





Saks Middle School


Mr. Derrell Calloway



About Us

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Embracing the tangible and intangible benefits of musicianship everyday!


Mission statement:


· to provide a foundation for the growth of the band program

· to support music education in public schools

· to support the growth and development of students in the band program

· to provide an environment the encourages and promotes lifelong success

· to  provide a framework and foundation to support lifelong learning skills

· to support a framework for exemplary musicianship

· to support the goals and aspirations of the students

· to provide equal opportunities for students regardless of their resources and/or background

· to cooperatively support the efforts of the band directors and staff

· to provide moral and financial support to all ensembles

· to foster an appreciation in the community for the educational value of strong school band programs

· to work to build and maintain an organization of parents which will help to promote the general activities of the band









Saks Band is inspired by these words:


“We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then is not an act but a habit”  Albert Einstein