Text Box: E-Day Assignment Page

Teacher: Gene Inglis                                                                           E/Day:

Text Box: Instrumentalist (band student) is to do the following


ACS Objective and # 1-10, pg 54 & 55, 11-13 pg.56 (music performance)

Character Education Word –Sportsmanship

Music Vocabulary – Students will google definitions to musical terms in selected music for Activities: Students will receive cd audio recording cd’s, web address and “QR Codes” of selected concert music to be performed by each ensemble in December.  They are to listen for conceptual understanding (and/or appreciation) musically, as well as, use the recordings to play along with the recording on their instrument.  Students will pause to repeat/improve more difficult passages, make notes and report their success and needs.


For Grades 6-12 Band: Right click on the title & select “open in new window” or scan the QR Code below!


Look up on Youtube listening examples of your MPA selections and listen. Then practice to improve your execution and tonal concepts of each piece.


Evaluation: Students will make self-evaluation of strengths & weaknesses making note of places where help is needed by Mr. Inglis.




Text Box: Fine Art student is to do the following:


ACS Objective and Pg 42 Appendix A – Audience and Performer Etiquette (Fine Arts)

Character Education Word –Sportsmanship

Activity:  Students will go to the internet to locate the address listed below (or use QR Codes listed on page two) for the Atlanta Symphony Chorus and the Blue Man Group viewing each one separately to compare and contrast the appropriate audience and performer etiquette by listing all that may apply.


Right click on the title & select “open in new window” or scan the QR Code below!


Atlanta Symphony Chorus

Blue Man Group

Evaluation: Students will make list of observations and return it to class for discussion.